BlueSky’s computing power takes the complexity out of travel.

We understand. Simply plugging in the cost of travel, lodging, meals and incidentals, doesn’t give you the full picture. There are many variables and costs and you must take it all into consideration.

Time is money, and pulling out a calculator to manage the financial impact of a contract isn’t the answer. BlueSky can quickly show you the expected margin for each assignment by automating the burden along with non-taxable calculations to provide you with a range of choices for each assignment.

Integrated GSA rates are available for quick reference, and give you real-time access the local rates by zip code. Local tax rates, special overtime calculations such as daily overtime, and even tax home assignment are available within BlueSky.

BlueSky gives you the approximate mileage from the candidate’s home to the actual assignment. Mileage reimbursements can also be calculated based on the client’s reimbursement rates.
Submitting candidates fast is the name of the game and we can help.

BlueSky gives you proposal template power, remembering what is needed to submit a candidate to your client in just the right way. BlueSky puts your candidate’s perfect proposal package together quickly, so you don’t have to.


Joint Commission

Our experience in the industry has helped many satisfied customers achieve and maintain Joint Commission Certification. BlueSky move beyond credentialing, and includes a diverse range of documentation. We realize your system must be designed to take into account such variables as jurisdiction, facility specific, unit or cost center, and even certifications for specific equipment. BlueSky allows you to configure it all.

Competency and Credentialing

BlueSky provides you with the ability to customize competency requirements as deeply as you need. We can let you get as specific as the type or brand of equipment that is used for a specialized assignment.

Competency testing, as well as mandatory evaluations becomes a part of the candidate’s profile, and are also date and time stamped for your future reference.

BlueSky has a seamless integration with Prophecy that allows you to send your caregivers clinical assessments directly from BlueSky. The results will return into BlueSky and be archived there for you to refer to in the future.