Five Effective Ways to Hire Temporary Healthcare Staff

Posted by Tim Teague on 5/1/12 10:30 AM

Topics: Health Care Staffing

1. Prepare a job description. 

The job description you provide will validate your need for more help. Job descriptions also identifies the skills, knowledge, licenses, certifications and necessary abilities for the job.  The more detailed the job description, the better the healthcare staffing agency will be able to find employees who are a good fit for your needs.

2. Find a healthcare staffing agency that understands your business. 

Some healthcare staffing agencies specialize in particular areas. Others may have recruiters who have worked in your industry. Once you find a possible fit, invite the recruiter to tour your business and talk with you onsite. Knowledge is power in making good matches with employees.

3. Discuss your goals. 

As you explore the possibility of using a healthcare staffing agency, discuss your business goals, long and short term. Make sure you locate a firm who is interested in helping you work within your budget, assists you with hitting your numbers, and understands what you are trying to accomplish.

4. Negotiate the contract. 

Beware of sticker shock; you probably will have to pay a premium for a qualified healthcare staffing agency, so be prepared for it. Make sure the agency is certified by appropriately (i.e. Joint Commission). The contract you sign with the agency should designate the responsibilities of each party, including outlining the hiring process (who will interview; who will make the final hiring decision, etc.). You will also want to make sure the contract indicates how it can be terminated. Who is responsible for withholding taxes and payment of taxes for the employees? Who is responsible for workers compensation insurance? Any benefits which will be provided by the staffing agency need to be included.

5. Don’t forget your healthcare facility contacts/supervisors. 

Your facility contacts should understand how the temp process works, their role in selecting and training, and their role in supervising the work performed by healthcare staffing agencies. They need to know who to notify in case of an accident and workers’ comp claims and how to handle issues with employees. The right staffing software can help keep track of this as well.

Finally, facility contacts/supervisors should have a role in evaluating worker performance and give feedback to the healthcare staffing agency about the agency’s and care giver’s performance. Your facility contacts/supervisors are in the best position to judge if the healthcare staffing agency met your needs.

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