Affordable Care Act is About to Invade Your Living Room!

Posted by Tim Teague

livingroomSince the Affordable Care Act was enacted three years ago in March, most of the work for implementation has been behind-the-scenes and little noticed by the typical consumer. This will all change on Jan 1, 2014 as for the first time in history, all Americans will be guaranteed access to healthcare coverage.

Open enrollment will begin for the plan in October of 2013, with coverage available January of 2014.  No one can be turned down for coverage as a result of pre-existing conditions. Tax credits will be made available to assist in the cost of coverage if the income of the applicant is below a certain threshold based on family size.

Although most employed individuals will be better served to remain on their company-sponsored health program, Federal law mandates that workers be made aware of the upcoming plans prior to year’s end.

Between late Summer and late Fall, expect to be bombarded with announcements from press, radio and TV extolling the opportunities available from the Affordable Care Act. This is likely to be the first time the general public gets a firsthand look at what has been going on behind the scenes. Actuarial figures derived from this process are highly reliant upon acquiring large numbers of insureds, and particularly younger, healthier individuals that can keep the cost of the insurance as low as possible.

In summary, don’t be surprised when your tv and radio stations are overrun with ads touting the new Affordable Care Act. Just remember, it’s totally dependent on recruiting the largest pool of insureds possible, with age and existing health conditions diluting the nationwide figures.

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