5 Halloween Costumes for Healthcare Staffing

Posted by Julie Moore

Now, you probably have your work Halloween party coming up this week and want to make sure you have something appropriate but different, right?  Well the BlueSky team brainstormed and came up with a great list of costumes specifically for healthcare staffing. Check them out!  

1.  Travel Nurse

This is probably the easiset thing to do as a recruiter.  All you need to do is grab some scrubs, a stethoscope, a globe and then make a Google Pin hat out of some cardboard. 

2.  BlueSky Man

For those of you who were at the Healthcare Staffing Summit 2012 in Las Vegas you got to see Rick Ault, our implementation specialist dressed up as BlueSky man.  Its a pretty simple costume with a blue spandex suit, blue mask, blue cape, and of course have BlueSky running on your iPad. 


3.  BLS Card

For those medical staffing credentialers that want to do something simple yet funny to all of their coworkers then dress up as a BLS card.  You can make the card body sign by printing out a large American Heart Association BLS Card, pasting it to cardboard and then hanging it from your body.  


4.  Prophecy Healthcare’s Anita Nurse

We love Prophecy Healthcare and Anita Nurse.  She is the fun loving teddy bear that they have been giving out at shows for the past several years.  You may even have an Anita Nurse sitting on your desk.  For this costume you need a bear outfit, a stethoscope, a surgical mask and a nurses hat.  


5.  Jason Lander from Staffing Robot

Finally we save the best for last and if you know Jason Lander from Staffing Robot then you know he has a certain recognizable style. Since he works with so many healthcare staffing agencies I thought this was very appropriate.  All you need is a fedora, jeans, vest and of course some cool shoes.  This is quintessential Jason.


We would love to see you and what you decide to dress up as for your office halloween party.  Please tweet pictures of your costume to @blueskymss #healthcarestaffinghalloween.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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